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Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne have the widest selection of Timber Plantation Shutters in Australia. We have several years’ experience in manufacture of these products for both residential and commercial building windows. We are also specialized in developing all manner of interior and exterior plantation shutter products made of timber. We only use the highest quality of wood so as to produce the finest products. We put an effort in developing them using the latest technologies due to their several benefits which are listed below.

  • At Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne, we manufacture our products only from fast-growing planted tree species. This ensures that fabricating them does not lead to environmental degradation due to over-harvesting of plants. The plantations also increase the forest cover of a country thus improving the ecosystem.
  • Timber plantation shutters are also one of our chief products due to their extensive use by homeowners. This popularity is due to the fact that they bring a certain elegance and artistic appeal to the house. They also usually complement any home furniture and décor due to the neutral color of the wooden material which gives it a rustic but classic look which boosts the visual appeal of the house on which the timber shutters have been used.
  • Our Timber Plantation Shutters   are also preferred by many customers due to their insulation properties. Wood is known for its good heat conservation characteristics; hence using them for blinds and louvres improves the energy efficiency of a home as it greatly helps in regulation of outside temperature. This leads to a reduction in bills accruing from heating costs in addition to making the premises more hospitable.
  • The Timber Plantation shutters we manufacture are the best in the market with regards to ventilation. They come in a variety of designs with horizontal angled slats which can be adjusted as desired to admit enough light as well as limiting glare and direct light. They also keep out rain and can be fully shut so as to prevent wind from blowing into the premises.
  • Our cheap timber plantation shutters are also very convenient not only in use for windows at home but also in offices. This is due to the fact that the blinders can be adjusted as desired, from fully open to fully shut. This provides privacy for those within its confines as well as keeping out noise and therefore promoting their comfort.

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