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Plantation shutters are a smart and elegant way of covering windows and doors with additional benefits beyond aesthetics. Here at Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne, we offer a wide variety of beautifully crafted and custom made plantation shutters and wooden slatted venetian blinds. With several years’ experience combined with the best quality material in the market, we provide unique and unbeatable services. We are the finest distributors and installers of both interior and exterior louvered shutters and blinds in Australia.

Plantation shutters are a simple yet stylish addition to any home or office. Whether they are made   of real wood, faux wood, or even aluminium, it is easy to enjoy the timeless flair of these beautiful window treatments. This is what we at Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne are committed to helping you achieve by fabricating the best, finest and most durable shutters in the market. Our plantation shutters come in a vast range of styles, materials, and colors. We can create custom made shutters that fit any window shape or size.

Having been in the business for several years gives as an edge in understanding our customer’s needs and tastes. We advise customers on the type of product that will best suit their homes, offices or any other place where the shutters are to be installed. We also provide excellent customer care and communication that is incomparable. We also give our customers the creative freedom of choosing the color, the material and the mounting options.

Our plantation shutters and blinds are spray painted with several coats of painted with multiple paint coats and a UV protective layer to prevent fading. Our shutters are practical all year round as they provides visual security and privacy from the outside, without removing precious light and air.

We offer a variety of shutter designs for various applications. These include the ones listed below:

  • Full height shutters
  • Café style shutters
  • Tier on tier shutters
  • Solid panel shutters
  • Special shapes shutters

The materials used in constructing the shutters also vary depending on the place where they are to be installed and factors such as exposure to the elements of weather as well as the level of cover one might desire. In line with these, shutters which are to be more exposed should be made of stronger materials than those used for interiors. Some of the most common components include: craft wood, hard word and white teak.

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