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We at Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne pride ourselves in being the top manufactures of high security and durable roller shutters for various purposes. Our inexpensive shutters are available in all our stores throughout the country.

We have a large team of professional shutter installers with years of experience in installation, fixing and maintenance of our products and therefore you need not have to worry about doing it yourself. Installation that our staff perform include:

  • Garage doors
  • Shop display windows
  • Warehouses
  • Prisons

Roller shutters are very important in offering protection against burglary and vandalism attempts. For this reason, our company produces them using strong non-corrosive metals such as aluminium and steel. We also manufacture various types so as to meet all the needs of our clientele. The main designs we produce are the ones listed below:

Integrated Roller Shutter

This is the one most commonly used at homes. In this design, we combine the roller shutter and window together so that they move as a single unit. It is very convenient especially for attics as it can be slid open to allow light and ventilation when the room is in use and then shut to secure it.

Built-in Roller shutter

Another specialty of Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne is in the manufacture of these kind of shutters, whereby the roller shutter box is built into the lintel above the window. It is most appropriate for use in protecting shop display windows as they can be secured locked onto the ground at night and then rolled out during the day. Most garage doors are also based on this design.

Roller Shutter with Tilting Laths

For customers who wish to secure their windows using roller shutters and at the same time be able to adjust the gap between consecutive laths, this is the best pick. We ensure that these kinds of designs meet achieve both security and limited privacy for our customers by manufacturing them from metallic laths which can be tilted like external venetian blinds.

Fire Shutter

For clients who wish to place roller shutters in places which have a high risk of experiencing a fire outbreak, this is the solution that Cheap Plantation Shutters has for you. It can either be a manual shutter which uses woods metal and a weight bar to close the shutter or can be an electric one linked to a fire alarm system so as to close automatically in the event of an alarm activation.

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