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Windows are one of the most important elements not only in residential but commercial buildings. Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne makes it its business to manufacture the best shutters in the market so as to meet our customers’ design needs and preferences. The shutters are also meant to perform certain functions. These are listed below:

  • Provision of views: We assemble our shutters using overlapping adjustable laths which are aligned at an angle that can allow a person within a house to observe what is going on outside.
  • Privacy: Our laths are fitted with blinders and have tilted which block people from outside from seeing what is going on within premises. The laths also keep out noise and can be fully shut.They are also serve as a part of the building envelope, providing a barrier between the house and the outdoors.
  • Day lighting and ventilation: Our shutters are manufactured using the latest technology so as to enable them to admit just the right amount of light and solar heating as well as acting as pathways for air circulation so as to keep the premises comfortable and hospitable.

Therefore when constructing the shutters, one has to put into consideration all these factors so as to come up with the most suitable designs and structures. Here at Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne, we are committed to manufacturing top notch window shutters which not only meet these needs but also the environmental conditions and the customers’ tastes and preferences. We achieve this through a number of ways.


We construct our shutters from a range of materials so as to merge their different properties to produce the best drapes. Some of the materials used apart from traditional wood include aluminum metal and polymers. The combined strength and aesthetics of the various components result in durable and attractive shutters.


At Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne, we have a large pool of shutter blueprints produced by our large pool of designers and architects. This ensures that the customers have a wide variety to choose from. Customers also have the freedom of being involved in the fabrication process therefore enabling them to give their recommendations and make adjustments to suit their tastes and needs.


We make a point of ensuring that all our window shutters have a proper finishing so as to improve their quality and appearance. This includes varnishing and tough painting thus further strengthening them and offering protection against scratches or destruction.

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